Tailor-Made to Fit Your Specific Website Maintenance Needs

Regular website maintenance is key to the ongoing success of your website. Keeping your site fresh, accurate and in working order encourages repeat visitors, increases customer activity, and ultimately will enhance your site’s search engine rankings.

  • Maintenance is more than just implementing important security patches. As browsers change, we can ensure your site is still compatible with the new alterations and updates.
  • Websites are also constantly vulnerable to new hackers and viruses. Having last year’s updates and protection does not mean you are still protected today. As soon as new threats are discovered, developers work quickly to close the holes and provide new updates. It’s our job to stay on top of these threats to provide you with continuous protection.
  • Web maintenance isn’t only about being compatible and secure. It is about ensuring that your site runs efficiently and provides results. Internet trends and technologies are constantly evolving, as is your business; we make sure your site evolves with changing demands.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back and Build Your Revenue

Our customized website maintenance plans keep your content fresh, keywords targeted and optimized, and your site in top-working condition. We offer a variety of monthly maintenance plans that make updating and modifying your site easy — at whatever technical level you need. Our packages include any combination of maintenance, updates and upgrades, including:

  • HTML Coding
  • PHP Programming
  • Script Customization
  • Database Development
  • Content Updates
  • Keyword Targeting and Optimization
  • Graphic Design
  • Backups
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Security Updates

Want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your site is always performing well? Contact us today and have a web expert at your fingertips whenever you need one.